A symptom

I think I have experienced my first symptom of reintegration. Albeit not a bad one to have if I had to pick. So I am not complaining just figured I would be honest about it all.

So, Scott has been awesome!!! Helping me catch up on everything around here because of me being sick and let's face it. A little lazy due to him coming home and not wanting to focus on anything else but him :P. He has spent ample time in the kids rooms with them making sure they clean it and clean it right as well as staying on top of them to keep up on it. Something I do not have the patience to do and usually end up cleaning the rooms myself. So major Kudos to him for that.

But back to my point...The other day we were cleaning our room...The stomach bug is going around and the bathrooms were in need of some deep cleaning. We both tackled the job and as I cleaned the toilet/floor etc he worked on the tub...I had finished walked out of the bathroom then I see him cleaning the floor...AGAIN??? But I just did that..

I immediately felt like wait, I have been home a year by myself with the kids and I did a darn good job with cleaning if I do say so myself..The thought flashed through my mind..."who are you to clean up after me" ...I knew it was irrational and I was being pathetic. So I didn't let it get to me but it made me step back and think that yep maybe I am having a little hiccup of reintegration. Like I said not a bad one at all to have. I mean how can you complain when your hubby is helping you clean the bathroom....!!!!

I did talk to him about my feelings just to keep an open line of communication and he reassured me that he just wants to be more involved and help out then he was before he left...Who can be upset with that, not me!!!

I just think it's funny that had this been a day before he left for the deployment I would have been jumping up for joy so excited he had offered a hand no matter what he was doing and here I was almost upset that he was going over my work :P...

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