Makes me wonder

What school's these days are teaching my children.

Last night Andrew was making his specialty, deviled eggs or as we call them Angel eggs. In walks Ayden, and a silly but serious to them conversation ensued. Here is an excerpt.

Ayden: You had to go and kill them didn't you? They were good til you took the shell off.

Andrew: What the eggs? No they died when I boiled them.

Ayden: No Andrew they liked that, it was like a jacuzzi for them.

Huh, what???? These are the things that make me laugh and make me feel like a bad mom at the same time...As least I was able to set them straight on the whole egg debacle...And I got a good laugh out of it so that's always good. :P

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NurseExec said...

This conversation was priceless. Simply priceless