Yogurt Maker and Dehydrator

Yep I bought myself a few Christmas gifts and I can't wait to get them from Amazon :)..

A yogurt maker you ask why..??? Oh because of a little place called Pinkberry out in C.A which I stumbled upon one day on an outing with the kids. It was so good and from then on I was hooked. And had it several more times before I left to come back to L.A.

Now it's been quite a few months and I am craving it. So I got myself the yogurt maker so that way I could make fresh yogurt which is cheaper and good for the family. And now I just need an Ice cream maker and I will be loading myself up with Pinkberry style fro-yo :) I hope it doesnt take me long to figure out a recipe that is similar to theirs but I won't give up ..lol.. I am sure I can find some around these blogparts :P...

Now for the Dehydrator....I have always wanted one. I am a wannabe health nut, maybe one day I can fulfill my desires to be totally healthy but for now it's step by step and I am excited to get a Dehydrator lots of dried fruits, jerky's etc..YAY..

Of course I would have loved to indulge myself with a nice new Nikon Lens for my camera but I would rather spend any extra money I have on the kiddo's for Christmas besides I am oober excited for my Amazon box to show up any day now.

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