The Wii

I love it. My sister is so awesome for getting this for us. Especially because I was able to use Christmas money my dad sent and get some more games for it. Which is extra nice because the kids are obviously out of school and this keeps them very busy. Although it makes finding time for me to play a little more difficult. But I will share and patiently wait til they go back to school.

I was talking to the hubby online today and I told him about the Wii and he asked if I liked it? I immediately said yes I love it....."you actually play it" YES BABE I play it it's awesome..He was stunned, we have the ps3 and xbox 360 both of which I never touch but the Wii. Now that's my kind of system :) What can I say I am just more of a physical person. Nothing wrong with that right???

So now I am curious what are the best games??? I am waiting on Mario Kart and Outdoor Challenge those two have high ratings..Anything else I should have in my stash of Wii games???

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NurseExec said...

I haven't had a bit of interest in the other game systems we have, but I really enjoy the Wii. I love Wii Fit (the step aerobics is fun, and I'm not embarrassed in front of a bunch of people when I screw up, LOL). We also have Wii Play which has games like table tennis, pool, shooting gallery. Wii Game Party is also fun--trivia, darts (my fav), skee-ball, and Wii sports (bowling, tennis, baseball). I love them all!