Rain Rain Go Away

It is so hard to run errands when it is pouring rain outside. Mainly because I have a little one in tow and using an umbrella is...well too much of a hassle so watch me as I run through the parking lot and splash into a lovely puddle..yeehaw!

But despite the rain I have finished almost all of my Christmas shopping. I have one more thing in mind for each of the kids and one more thing left to get Scott but other then that I am done. Whoohoo...

And wow did this past week fly by :) No I am not complaining not one bit. Although the nights would be better if there weren't reruns on tv. Not that I get to watch much but I usually have it on in the background while I am chasing the kids off to bed or cleaning. But still I really need to sit down and finish a few crochet WIPS that I have stashed away...A certain "WOOLEATER" blanket calls out to me often. Shay refuses to let me spend more then a few minutes at a time with it. So I have been doing a little bit here and there when I get the chance. I will have to add a recent pic soon. I also am making a Shawl for my mom for church she is always chilly so I thought she might like it. Well I hope she does anyways. Maybe tomorrow will be my WIP picture day..That is sure to give me motivation to wrap them up :)...

I am in the middle of cooking dinner tonights menu is Pork Tenderloin, Cauliflower and Rice ..yumm.. But I really need to go to the store tomorrow because my cupboards are bare...Hope it's not raining ..haha!!

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