Handmade hats...

I have a friend from way back who I recently got in touch with again mainly because him and my hubby were deployed during the same time. And this being our first deployment I had millions of questions to bug him with since him and his family are old pros at it having gone through 3 so far.

Anywho. Him and his wife currently have 4 children. As a Thank you to him for all his answers I wanted to make hats for his children who I spy on all the time thanks to his wife Renee's Blog .

Their kids are so dang adorable and the first hat I ever made which was a pink and white flower hat I immediately thought of Kennedy. So when I asked my friend if I could make his kidd0's some hats he said yes and I jumped at the chance.

She was sweet enough to post pics of the girls wearing their new hats and linking to me so I thought I better post some more pics of hats that I have done just in case anyone follows that link :P So pardon the model he is a good sport but does the girly hats no justice although he is still a doll in my book :) Here are a few..

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Kim said...

So So cute! I found your site from Renee's blog. May have to get you to make a hat for my little girl. I'll be in touch!