Dirty Santa the clean version :P

I love playing this with Scott's family. We have so much fun, just wish it lasted longer. Oh well.
So this year a huge fortune cookie was thrown into the mix by one of Scott's Uncle's who had to leave the day before. So he didn't get to see the story that unfolded from this wonderfuly yummy cookie.

But basically another of Scott's Uncle's first opened it. And no one seemed to pay much attention to it. He did say it looked like there was something in it and left it at that. I of course took immediate notice and knew I wanted it. So by the time my number came around "which was 7 out of 12" I went straight for it and kept quiet about it. Sure enough by the end of the game it was mine..So of course everyone just had to know what was inside...And to our surprise it was a lovely crisp 50 dollar bill. Whoohoo!!! I get a yummy cookie to eat and some cash money too. Can't beat that. :) Bet they wish they picked up that fortune themselves now :P...

Here is my cookie held by Andrew...And yes I do plan on eating it...:)

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