Crazy Days

My goodness it's been crazy around here.....

Saturday was Ayden's physical, the neighborhood Christmas parade and the Christmas party for my Hubby's unit...Sunday was the jingle jam and getting the Christmas tree/decorating. Monday I registered them "finally" for youth services and got my Christmas cards out. Today my daughter has a dentist appt and I am trying to finish up a few things to put them in the mail so a post office run will probably be in my future later today. Oh and unorganized me dropped the kids little packet that had their shot records and social security cards right outside the registration office so I have to go by and pick that up soon too. I am so glad someone turned it in................................. Ahhh Christmas Gotta Love it!!!

I will say it is so great to be busy busy busy these days. I wish my house as cleaner but atleast I am completely occupied and not going insane thinking about DH coming home....

I have nothing on the agenda tomorrow so I am thinking it's CLEANING day...not very excited but a must, no doubt!!!

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