My life, as my blog title clues is pretty much chaos. I am constantly all over the place and I am slowly becoming ok with it. Something to be said for not being boring I suppose. So I have no clue where this blog will go from one day to the next my desires for daily life as well as future life are always changing so stick with me and see where it goes.

Currently I am a SAHM, with 4 kiddos. A hubby who is in the army and currently deployed, lover of photography and new to Crochet, with a growing love for all things crafty. I spend way to much time online looking for things to inspire me or chatting with my fellow mom's at a great place called All Things Parents.

So do you relate to me somehow some way probably so...Let's see, I am 29. my kids are 12,10,8 and 1 1/2. 3 boys 1 girl.
I have a chocolate lab/german short hair mix dog "Lucy".
I'm an Army wife, A California girl currently living in Louisiana.
I also hope to one day be more (Green) an aspire to live a clean healthy life but not very good at it at the moment.
I am completely enamoured by all things crafty these days from online digital scrapbooking to my new love Crochet :) With hopes one day to learn how to knit.
And even though I have been slacking the past month or so I love to work-out. Tae-Bo is a fave and the boring old treadmill is a must in my book of course only paired with the trusty Ipod. :)

I am sure there is more I am just being paged by my little one at the moment and my thoughts are jumbled. I am excited to finally start a blog so here we go :)

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